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The integrated eHealth solution for patient and care provider

Healthcare is changing. eHealth is playing an ever increasing role in the healthcare sector including mental health. In recent years in addition to email, applications have been introduced to enable digital questionnaires for Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM), health screenings, telehealth, and various other forms of online communications. In order to empower providers to create digital interventions and maintain a good overview of all available and active patient interventions, VitalHealth has created an integrated intervention solution called VitalHealth Engage.

Why the eHealth Platform?

The eHealth platform has been designed in such a way that it seamlessly connects to the current infrastructure of your healthcare institution, for example by linking to your EHR and ROM systems. It enables the practitioner and the patient to immediately begin third party digital interventions as well as being able to bring their own digital interventions. All of these digital interventions, including patient records, are displayed as a single screen patients as well as practitioners to consult within the portal. The portal gives access to all future courses of action and provides insight into progress, risks, therapy adherence, supplementary data, and even learning material.


  • Overview of all digital interventions contained within one environment
  • Capability to integrate with existing source systems such as EHR and ROM systems
  • Web-based portal for both practitioner and patient

The eHealth Platform has been developed to complement current treatment practices. The platform eases the technical requirements burden for healthcare institutions offering eHealth. By applying an intelligent connecting system, IT source systems are integrated in an orderly and easy to maintain manner.

Platform capabilities

  • Patient monitoring and reference by mental health practice assistants
  • Provide basic mental healthcare using standard protocols for eHealth and ROM by General Practitioners
  • Use and provision of digital interventions and ROM by Mental Health Specialists
  • To offer digital interventions and psychological education materials for patients
  • Provide online registration procedures for patients including insurance verification
  • Administer aftercare programs
  • Administer digital interventions for healthcare support and patient groups

The development of VitalHealth Engage is a joint venture between the Dutch organization Zorgaanbieders Online and VitalHealth Software.

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