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What is the VitalHealth Platform?

The VitalHealth Platform is the first true next-generation health IT application development environment designed specifically for the rapid deployment of cloud-based electronic health record solutions, which can be readily certified for Meaningful Use. It is full-featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design.


Who is this for?

The VitalHealth Platform is the ideal starting point for modern Health IT solutions. For example, you may already have a successful healthcare software solution but find it a challenge to divert development resources away from functional enhancements towards updating your technology stack. Or perhaps you are looking for a way to quickly augment your existing health IT software or hardware devices with value added applications. Browse the function and feature set below to learn how our platform can help address these challenges.



The VitalHealth Platform provides our solution designers and development partners with a powerful toolset for creating cloud based solutions with inherent support for healthcare integration standards, coding systems, a rules based clinical decision support engine and support for attractive browser based user interfaces, including mobile devices.


Less development, earlier results
Solution requirements are implemented faster due to a model-based architecture. This means that a significant portion of application functionality can be implemented quickly, without the need for traditional programming.

Model driven development
Healthcare and IT will speak a common language and collaborate more easily, with the ability to design and build healthcare apps through modelling of e.g. views, web services, data structures, workflows, reports and rules.

Complex processes made easy
Whether you are creating a patient facing portal or a more complex provider facing cloud application, a process driven design will allow for easier development of business logic and embedding of disease treatment protocols.

With a powerful UI editor, wizard based application configuration and deployment, a flexible data model designer and strong support for templates, organizations can focus on the value added functionality and avoid wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks.

Optimized for Healthcare

Healthcare knowledge server 
The VitalHealth Platform is knowledge-based and entirely focused on healthcare, with full support for protocols, code systems and medical rules in a centralized repository

Clinical workflows and decision support 
Design and implement intuitive workflows to guide providers through scheduling, diagnosis, treatment, coding, and billing, etc. Use the powerful rules engine with pre-built clinical rule templates to implement point of care decision support for high-risk alerts, preventive services and treatment options.

Rich patient summaries
Quickly create an elegant and comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical summary - medications, problems, allergies, vitals, labs, immunizations, and other key data points, enabling providers to get a quick but complete overview of the patient’s current health status.

Inherent support for standards based code systems
Effortlessly switch between multiple code systems like ICD10, IDC9, LOINC, SNOMED, or map a legacy code system to a new standard to preserve patient history data.

Platform Independent

Touch enabled design across multiple devices and enables the creation of ‘hybrid apps’ to get the best of both worlds: cloud based with native performance.

Cross platform
With cross-platform support, the VitalHealth architecture preserves your investment in either Windows or Linux based enterprise architectures. 

Multi-browser support is a recurring and persistent problem for Web developers. Our platform supports modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

All data is stored in XML, with your own choice of data persistence, such as in-memory, cache, web service, XML database or a modern relational database.


Integration made simple
Open communication and integration architecture 
based on technologies such as XML, CCD, HL7, secure email and web services.

Integrate and extend
Extend legacy applications and integrate with existing processes and data across the enterprise solution  infrastructure, including support for single sign on (SSO).

Mapping and orchestration
Use standard mappings or define your own mappings and transformation, which can subsequently be reused by other applications you build with the VitalHealth Platform.

Monitor integrations
Configure, maintain and monitor all integrations from a web based control center and use automated jobs and alerts to make sure all integrations are running consistently and reliably.

Rich Application Web Interface

Rapid entry capabilities
Expedite the entry of clinical notes with an easy workflow, reusable order sets, and configurable templates that reduce clicks and give you more time to interact with your patients.

Rich set of components & widgets
With dozens of built-in components, out of the box themes and a built-in Model-View-Controller (MVC) presentation model, the VitalHealth Platform provides everything you need to create powerful mobile and web applications.

Manage templates and layout
To help you organize the display of data and content, the VitalHealth Platform includes multiple themes and templates. A flexible layout manager helps you control the display of components for even the most complex user interfaces.

In a multi-cultural society, mission critical applications will benefit from inherent platform support for developing multi-lingual user interfaces and documentation.

Access and Security

Role-based security
Healthcare and privacy regulations mandate a tightly controlled security mechanism, ensuring that users can only access functionality and data to which they are entitled based on their role.

Authentication methods
The platform includes out-of-the-box support for modern authentication methods, including Windows based, Forms based, SMS, OAuth, and SAML based authentication.

Multi-factor authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication is a simple but effective best practice that adds extra layers of protection on top of username and password based authentication.

Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On (SSO) enables users to sign in once to get access to multiple web applications using standards such as SAML, OAuth or Windows Authentication. 

Mobile Applications

Multi-device support 
Access one application across multiple devices. Easily build device specific interfaces for desktop, tablets and mobile devices; all using the same application.

Develop once, run everywhere
Mobile web applications run on all devices that support web standards. Native apps force you to develop a different version for each mobile platform.

Deploy quickly
You can build and deploy web applications much faster than building native apps. All you have to do is deploy the application on your web server.

Always up-to-date
With mobile web apps, your users immediately benefit from new functionality and other improvements as soon as you deploy to production. 

Deploy Anywhere

Cloud, hybrid or on-premise
Deploy anywhere based on your needs, for instance in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

Multiple deployment environments
Deploy as many environments as you need – test, acceptance, or production. Easily move application models from test through acceptance to production.

Provision manager 
Includes a flexible provisioning solution for on-premise and cloud based applications, products and services. The provision manager is highly automated, allowing for manual intervention where required.

APP monitoring
Alerts, CPU usage, Memory, Requests, App Container Disk Usage, Database Disk Usage, and Database commands all in one overview.

Example Solutions

Examples are elegant, functionally rich EHRs for specialty practices, chronic disease management and patient engagement solutions such as patient portals and patient survey tools. Our ecosystem of partners also uses our platform to create and deliver specialized solutions for a variety of healthcare sectors.


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