Patient Questionnaires

Improved patient engagement through online questionnaires

VitalHealth QuestManager Overview

VitalHealth QuestManager promotes patient engagement through the use of online patient questionnaires. Healthcare systems or providers can select from a library of validated questionnaires or create new patient questionnaires to match specific patient needs, and schedule the delivery of questionnaires using predefined workflows. Patients receive reminders via email or text messages when a new or follow-up questionnaire is awaiting their response. Providers receive an alert whenever answers provided to a patient questionnaire are outside of acceptable response ranges, so that an intervention can be scheduled. VitalHealth QuestManager includes extensive graphing and reporting capabilities along with calculations of Quality of Care Indices and data export of questionnaire responses and scores to third party analysis tools.

Patient questionnaire features and functions

  • Existing library of validated questionnaires, with ability to create new questionnaires
  • Supports grouped questions, or presents one question at a time
  • Branching logic with support for optional questions and answers
  • Flexible scheduling of initial and optional follow-up questionnaires
  • Alerting mechanism in case of exceptions
  • Graphing and reporting functionality at patient and population level

Cloud-based patient engagement

VitalHealth QuestManager is based on the cloud-based VitalHealth Platform, and presents patient questionnaires via a secure connection in a browser on either desktops or mobile devices. In this way QuestManager supports the growing use of mobile technologies to help providers and healthcare systems achieve better patient engagement. VitalHealth QuestManager also supports modern integration technologies to enable the integration of data from EMRs or other clinical systems with that of the QuestManager data.

Benefits of QuestManager patient questionnaires

  • Quick start and ROI with extensive library of available questionnaires
  • Easy online access stimulates patient engagement
  • Enables early intervention for patient reported exceptions
  • Improves quality of care at the patient and population level

Patient engagement scenarios with QuestManager

VitalHealth QuestManager enables multiple patient engagement scenarios including the use of patient questionnaires to collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs), or for Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM). QuestManager can help support the needs of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs), group practices and payer organizations.

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