Patient Reported Outcomes

Avoid hospital readmissions and improve quality of care

What are Patient Reported Outcomes?

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs) are calculated scores based on standardized and validated survey tools, using data collected via patient questionnaires. The resulting numeric scores are graphed to give care providers a quick overview of a patient’s current condition and comparison with previous results. PROMs data can be compared to normative values to monitor exceptions or alarming deviations from expected results. Care providers can use this data to monitor and change the patient’s treatment plan or to aggregate the data at population level to research care plan effectiveness and identify new best practices.

Functional characteristics of Patient Reported Outcomes

  • Collect patient responses to standardized or custom online questionnaires
  • PROMs responses can be associated with metric values
  • Response metrics are used as input for standardized scoring calculations
  • Scoring is graphed and compared against prior results and/or normative data

Scenarios for hospitals and acute care use

A significant portion of US healthcare costs can be attributed to acute care complications and hospital readmissions that could potentially have been avoided. The ability to remotely monitor patient adherence to procedure preparation instructions and post-discharge instructions can significantly improve the overall quality of care. With VitalHealth QuestManager, care providers receive timely, actionable PROMs data that enables them to monitor care plan adherence, improve quality of care and potentially avoid costly readmissions by the identification of issues which can be addressed early in an outpatient setting. With easy online access to questionnaires via either desktop computers or mobile devices, VitalHealth QuestManager is designed to encourage patient participation.

Benefits of PROMs with QuestManager

  • Increase patient adherence to procedure preparations
  • Avoid post-procedure complications and readmissions
  • Achieve improved quality of care through increased care plan compliance
  • Improve care plan and process based on PROMs data at the population level

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