VitalHealth CHM - Module COPD

Multidisciplinary Medical Record for COPD and Asthma

In addition to recording the basic medical data such as vitals (blood pressure and BMI) and secondary pathology. VitalHealth CHM provides specific COPD/Asthma-related modules. Examples in this respect are spirometry measurements (including curves), various functional questionnaires (such as CCQ, ACQ and MRC), GOLD & GINA classification, burden of disease, inhalation techniques and exacerbation. In addition to the COPD/Asthma module, we provide modules for Diabetes and CVRM.


  • Patient portal with extensive self-management functionality
  • Personalized treatment plan with separate targets
  • Elaborate intake, generating risk analyses and burden of disease classification
  • Various screening options: annual examination, intermediate examination and joint consultation
  • Immunization registry
  • Two-way messaging, from and to the EMR (by means of OZIS connection)
  • Extensive, customized patient education programs
  • Digital chain referencing and feedback from chain partners in CHM
  • Spirometry (including curves) available for pneumologists to confirm diagnosis.
  • Role-dependent access and authorizations for all collaborative partners plus process and decisionmaking support.
  • Extensive practical management module

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