VitalHealth CHM - Module CVRM

Multi-disciplinary Collaborative Health Management System for CVRM

Apart from recording typical medical data such as blood pressure, lab results and vitals, VitalHealth CHM offers specific functionality for CVRM related diagnosis and treatment data. An example would be 24-hour blood pressure measurements, EKG and Ankle-Brachial-Pressure-Index exam results as well as automated risk score calculations based on standardized risk factors and indices related to cardio-vascular diseases. The CVRM module also allows providers to create CVRM related goals and treatment plans. Apart from the CVRM module, VitalHealth also offers modules for the treatment of Diabetes and COPD/Asthma patients, along with support for patients with co-morbid disease diagnoses.


  • Patient portal with extensive self-management functionality
  • Support for Preventative Digital Consults
  • Individualized treatment plans with patient specific goals
  • Extensive intake process including calculation of disease specific risk factors
  • Support for standardized regular follow-up consults, as well as treatment plan specific consults
  • Evidence based decision support and intelligent workflow
  • Extensive support for recommending relevant patient educational material
  • Digital referrals to other providers in the collaborative health network
  • Role specific access control and authorizations

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