VitalHealth CHM - Module Diabetes

Multidisciplinary Medical Record for Diabetes Care

Besides recording basic information such as blood pressure, vitals and lab results, VitalHealth Collaborative Health Management provides support for specific diabetes related information. Examples are screenings for diabetic retinopathy including the recording of fundus photos, determining the correct insulin dosage based on a well defined glucose-insulin schema, performing and recording the results for foot exams, and recording patient specific goals and target values. Similar to the Diabetes module, VitalHealth Collaborative Health Management also offers modules for e.g. COPD/Asthma and Cardio-Vascular disease management.


  • Patient portal with extensive self-management capabilities
  • Individual treatment plans and goals
  • Extensive intake support including calculation of UKPDs score and SIMMS classification
  • Support for multiple visit types and schedules, such as quarterly, every 6 months, yearly exams or ad-hoc visits
  • Intelligent evidence based decision and process support
  • Electronic referrals within the health management network, with electronic exchange of information between network participants
  • Automated role specific access for all care disciplines involved in the care process
  • Invoicing and claims processing

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