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Dr. Lester Wold

Eliminating Barriers to Cardiac Rehab Program Participation

Dr. Lester Wold wrote this on 05 September 2017

Technology makes it possible to complete cardiac rehab programs in the home.... read more

Dr. Lester Wold

Cardiac Rehabilitation By The Numbers

Dr. Lester Wold wrote this on 24 August 2017

Cardiac rehabilitation has been shown to have significant positive benefits for patients who have had a cardiac event.... read more

Dr. Lester Wold

Easing the Transition to Value-Based Care Delivery

Dr. Lester Wold wrote this on 11 July 2017

Work days for health care providers are increasingly stressed by the burden of administrative work related to reimbursement or documentation. ... read more

Dr. Lester Wold

Using Technology to Collect and Report on Outcomes Measures

Dr. Lester Wold wrote this on 19 June 2017

The concept of value has transformed the dialogue centered around how to improve the US health care system ... read more

Gerbrand van de Beek

Wow, this outcomes pudding is really impressive!

Gerbrand van de Beek wrote this on 15 June 2017

Does Measuring Outcomes Improve Patients’ Lives? ... read more

Laurens van der Tang

Value Based Healthcare: valuable or valueless?

Laurens van der Tang wrote this on 19 April 2016

It only makes sense to measure outcomes if the results are actually applied to future care. Measuring on itself does not make any sense. ... read more

Laurens van der Tang

Do we need a World Diabetes Day?

Laurens van der Tang wrote this on 14 November 2013

Worldwide, as many as 370 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes. Does that justify an annual day dedicated to diabetes awareness? The... read more

Kees Graveland

My Mother’s Birthday & World Mental Health Day

Kees Graveland wrote this on 10 October 2013

This past weekend, my family celebrated my mother’s 77th birthday. We got together at a campsite in the Veluwe, the Netherlands. The grandkids stayed... read more

Alzheimer and eHealth: an odd pair?

wrote this on 20 September 2013

World Alzheimer Day Tomorrow is World Alzheimer Day. On this day healthcare organizations from around the world try to bring attention to the most... read more

Laurens van der Tang

Software enables improved health management

Laurens van der Tang wrote this on 29 January 2013

With business already in full swing at the beginning of this new year, we at VitalHealth look back on the year behind us with a sense of gratitude.... read more

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